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Quotes Had a great time DJ'ing for you guys last night Quotes
International Fiesta Guest DJ

Quotes Thank You!! It was wonderful Quotes
Marta Jasińska
Satisfied International Fiesta guest

Quotes Thank you for the voucher. The food in hang ten was great xD Quotes
Moni Bonboni
Winner of Hang Ten Competition organised by Miamimix

Quotes Was a fantastic night! Quotes
Vasoulla Panayiotou
Satisfied customer - Attended August's Salsa City party

Quotes This was a great night in a great venue - well attended and the class was very good. I will definitely go again when I hear of any parties Miamimix are hosting :) Quotes
Martine Sharp
Satisfied customer - Attended August's Salsa City party

Quotes Miami Mix always try to be creative in their events and they show care for their Customers. I'm very pleased to have had an amazing experience with them as they provided a great and valuable service. Thanks for making your customers special. Quotes
Chairwoman of the Latinos and Spanish Society In Plymouth

Quotes Thanks hang ten and Mauricio, this was the best voucher I have won so far. The meal was delicious and Hope to win again. Voucher winner Quotes
Mas Mwape

Quotes Thank you Miamimix, Mauricio, and rest of all for a funful evening!! Great work for the charity Cancer research. Keep it up!! Quotes
Bipin Jani
Special Guest musician at June 2013's LIVE SHOWDOWN

Quotes I won a free buffet for two at Royal Gardens (Plymouth) from a Facebook competition these guys had on their Facebook page. They always ave different competitions so check them out. You may be their next winner! Quotes
Ihsan Saka

Quotes The experience was second to none. With a buzzing atmosphere and a great team organising the event, the performance was enjoyable. I recommend this event as a performer, and also as a spectator as the caliber of the performances across the board was truly memorable. Thanks again for letting me perform. Quotes
Lloyd Moore
Musician who competed in June's live showdown event